Five Gift Ideas for an Engineering Student

Let’s face it: gift shopping for some individuals is easier than it is for others. For some people on your gift list, it may feel like you can walk into any store and the perfect present will just hop into your cart. For others, you may need to do some deeper digging. 

If one of the people on your list is less into the latest hit movie and more into machines, don’t despair! This gift list will help you find just the right gift for someone whose interests lie in the vein of engineering. 

The items on the list are the sort of unique items that someone with a brilliant mind for science and engineering will appreciate. So, if you’ve been doing some serious head scratching about what to get the engineering student on your list, we’ve got you covered.

Falcon Heavy Lamp

A model of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, this lamp is detailed and looks like it is ready for flight. Blast-off occurs when you flip the switch and the plumes light up, giving a realistic appearance of the real rocket setting off for launch.

The lamp stands 12 inches tall and is lit by a cozy yellow LED. It is powered by USB, which means it can be plugged in on the desk with other smaller items if desired, but it also comes with a wall adapter. The lamp is a perfect fit for a small room or office, as it will draw attention to itself without overpowering the space.

Anyone who has a strong interest in engineering and follows space travel will have had their interest piqued at some point by the Falcon Heavy, which is a partially reusable launch vehicle, is one of the most impressive of any launched in history. This spacecraft will be a perfect fit for anyone interested in engineering, as the lamp reflects the marvel of human ingenuity that is the actual spacecraft.

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Caffeine Wall Art

This piece is perfect for the sleep-deprived engineering student’s wall. It is a 3D hanging piece designed in the form of a caffeine molecule, which is a student’s best friend. This piece will also reflect the taste of someone who is passionate about science and has a love of unique items that reflect this passion and the hard work that goes into engineering.

The 3D piece has the appearance of a very modern design piece, which contributes to its appeal for a lover of new engineering work and design. It comes in two sizes, either 11 or 14 inches in diameter. It can also be delivered in a variety of different colors, ranging from silver to red. The caffeine molecule wall hanging piece can be the perfect gift for anyone who drinks lots of coffee and wants to express their interest in science by their wall art.

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SpaceX Dragon Model

As a replica of an important piece of modern engineering history, the SpaceX Dragon Endeavor Model is a necessary piece for a collector with interest in the field. It will stand proudly on your engineering student’s desk and be a perfect conversation starter.

The SpaceX Dragon is important for playing its role as the first commercially owned and operated spacecraft to launch astronauts into space. The model commemorates the first manned launch of the SpaceX Dragon craft Endeavour, which occurred on May 30, 2020. The SpaceX Dragon will long be remembered for the part it has played in the history of space travel and engineering.


The model stands 5 inches tall and includes a 1 inch commemorative stand with the date of launch engraved in its surface. It is the perfect size to rest on a desk, coffee table, or bookshelf. The surface of the model is detailed to look like a perfect replica of the actual spacecraft, and it will be a reminder of a great scientific achievement to anyone with an interest in engineering.

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Klein Bottle Lamp

This lamp is for someone who has a love for the mathematical side of engineering. The lamp is designed in the form of a Klein bottle. Extremely sleek and modern looking, the lamp gives off a glow in the pattern of its graph surface. It is a very attractive piece that can light up a small space, sitting on a desk or coffee table.

The Klein bottle is a concept discovered by Felix Klein in the late 19th century. It is an object that exists so that the insides and outsides meet. Just as the bottle itself would not be able to hold any liquid, the lamp spills light amply into the room and serves as an exceptional accent piece to light up any room.

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Mini Tools Ornaments

These miniature tools are a simple, sweet gift for an engineering student. Hanging on the tree, they will be a reflection of the more physical part of engineering work that a student will be familiar with. These ornaments are a thoughtful gift that will show your engineering student’s interest clearly every holiday season for years to come.

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There’s More!

If these gifts piqued your interest but you didn’t find just what you were looking for on the list, don’t worry! There’s a whole catalog full of similar items for your engineering student’s needs. Check out both the space and science sections or browse the full catalog to find just the item you’re looking for.