Our Best Fitness Gifts For Christmas 2019

Our Best Fitness Gifts For Christmas 2019

As the Christmas season approaches, we’re all starting to shop around for gifts for loved ones and friends. If you’re trying to buy a fitness gift, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re buying a gift for your coach or a gym buddy, we’ve gathered a collection of the best fitness gifts for Christmas 2019.

1. Dual Color Bumper Plate Ornament

New for 2019, this premium bumper plate ornament looks just like the ones you’d find in a CrossFit gym. But at 2.75” across, you can actually hang it on a tree. This ornament includes free personalization, so you could put your coach’s name on it and give them a thematic gift they’ll love. 

This dual-color version of the bumper plate ornament is available in your choice of color and includes a twine loop for hanging on a Christmas tree. The dual-color bumper plate ornament is available on our site for $22.

2. Kettlebell Ornament 3-Pack

Kettlebells are an iconic piece of gym equipment, and this 3-pack of ornaments is instantly recognizable. Because the shape is similar to classic Christmas ornaments, these are a fun way to decorate a tree in a way that looks classy but also celebrates a fitness lover’s relationship with the gym.

The kettlebell ornament 3-pack is another new product for Christmas 2019 and is available for $24.

3. Dumbbell Ornament

If your gym buddy spends just a bit too much time doing dumbbell curls in front of the mirror, this dumbbell ornament is the perfect fitness gift for him. It’s one of our most popular products due to how realistic it looks--it really does look like a tiny version of the dumbbells you’d use in the gym.

Buy your dumbbell ornament here for $16.

4. Personalized Kettlebell Planter

Personalized Kettlebell Planter

Does your coach or Crossfitter friend spend a lot of time at her desk? If so, this personalized kettlebell planter would make a great fitness-themed gift for her. The planter is designed for a succulent plant and is available in 6” and 8” heights. It includes free personalization so you can add the name of your gym or a funny saying to make the planter unique and special. 

The personalized kettlebell planter is available starting at $45. As a bonus, if you like the idea of a personalized decorative kettlebell but don’t want to buy a planter, we also offer a decorative model or a pencil holder for the same price.

5. Weight Plate Ornament

This weight plate ornament is our best-selling product, and for 2019 we’ve made it even better. The design is identical to a full-size weight plate that you’d use in the gym, and it’s available in your choice of color. In particular, the new shiny silver color makes for a premium and eye-catching ornament. It’d make a great fitness gift for the man or woman in your life who loves lifting.

You can purchase the weight plate ornament for $14 on our site.

 6. Weight Plate Clock

Looking for something a bit bigger? Our weight plate clock is what you want. Available in sizes up to 18”, this clock is the perfect finishing touch for the wall of your home gym or local CrossFit box. You also have the option of personalizing the text on the clock, which would make it a great gift for your coach or a friend who is a gym owner.

Our weight plate clock is available starting at $43 on our site.

7. Fitness Ornament Variety Set

Can’t decide between our fitness Christmas ornaments? You don’t have to, because we sell several of the most popular ornaments in a 5-pack. This variety set includes the weight plate, dumbbell, kettlebell, a small squat rack, and a protein shaker. It’d make a great gift for your gym buddy and allow him to truly deck the halls with gains this holiday season.

Buy the fitness ornament variety set on our site for $48.



Christmas 2019 is rapidly approaching, and as you do your holiday shopping this season, we hope this list of fitness gifts is helpful to you as you shop for workout-themed gifts for your friends and family. These are only a few of the products we sell; be sure to check out the rest of our site for even more fitness gift options!