Top Five Gift Ideas for A Space Travel Enthusiast

Do you have a cute little cousin who can't wait to become an astronaut, or know someone who’s always excited to talk about space travel and the fascinating beauty of the galaxy? Yet you're still having a nerve-racking time thinking of the best gift ideas for their upcoming birthday. Do you just wish you could surprise your space fanatic friend with a gift on a special occasion? 

The five products listed in this article are the best space-themed gifts you can buy for your loved ones.

Starship Lamp

Can you remember how excited your friend was when SpaceX launched its prototype starship? This 9" 3D printed Starship lamp is the perfect gift to ensure he wakes up every day reliving that moment. Designed to look exactly like the latest SpaceX starship design, this gift is more than just a beautiful piece of home décor. The rocket's exhaust plume glows a yellow color when connected to a wall socket, perfectly depicting a real-life starship lifting off. Not to mention the pleasant ambiance the light creates in a room.

SpaceX was founded in 2002 to make life multi-planetary, and this starship is an assurance of the possibility of that goal. Starship has a crew configuration that can transport up to 100 people from Earth into LEO and on to the Moon and Mars. This is the perfect gift to get that special person dreaming of trips to the moon every time they get some shut-eye.

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SpaceX Dragon Capsule Ornament

The holidays are just around the corner. In a few weeks, reflections from colorful front door decorations will begin to light up the streets, as the sound of jingle bells fill the air with excitement. Are you thinking of getting a well-decorated Christmas tree for that SpaceX fan you know, or you just need something new to spice up the forthcoming gifting season? The dragon capsule ornament fits perfectly. This stunning 3” tall ornament is made out of eco-friendly PLA plastic and beautifully designed with 3D prints. It also has a twiner hanger that allows for easy hanging on a Christmas tree. 

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Laser-Engraved Wood Space Shuttle

You definitely don't have to be a curator to spot the awesomeness of this exciting work of art. This piece combines wood cutouts and laser etching to create a 3D representation of a launching space shuttle on an 11" x 14" black backdrop. The space shuttle was designed by NASA as a transportation system for carrying astronauts and cargos to and from Earth orbit. According to history, the space shuttle launched on 135 missions from 1981 to 2011 and flew 355 people in total.

This art piece is a lovely gift item for adults, kids, basically, anyone who enjoyed watching space shuttles lifting off. It is also a beautiful piece of home décor that doesn't necessarily take up room space. It has a wall hanger on the back for easy mounting.

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Moon Landing Lamp

This unique lamp doubles as an attractive piece of decoration and an efficient light source. It is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can buy for a space travel fan. This 6 inch tall luminary is specially crafted to commemorate the history of human spaceflight. The design includes a lunar lander, and two astronauts mounted on the moon, in a way that perfectly depicts the Apollo-era moon landings.

Several missions to the moon have been conducted even before the Apollo program. However, Apollo 11 in July 1969 was the first of six missions to land men on the moon. It was during this mission that Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. The historical achievement attached to this Moon Landing Lamp is obviously not the only spectacular thing about it. It is equipped with different light options, colorful and brightness level settings to suit any mood. Your kid will love this.

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SpaceX Dragon Capsule Model

A great way to remember remarkable historical events is by keeping a shelf of memory jogging items. This particular version of the SpaceX Dragon Capsule was the first ever launched with astronauts. The Dragon capsule was named "Endeavour" to honor one of the retired space shuttles with the same name. It's undoubtedly a great gift item to surprise a space travel enthusiast. Although this is the same spacecraft mentioned in the Christmas ornament previously, this version is a 5" desk model with a 1" display stand.

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 A good gift is often not determined by the price, but by the feeling attached to it. You can give someone the most expensive item in the world, and it will still not be enough. Even if you know what interests a person, choosing the perfect gift item can always be tricky. See our full space collection for even more gift ideas: