About Xiogy

We create unique products that represent your interests in a classy and fun way. When you’re decorating your home or office, you want to include personal touches that show off who you are and what you’re into, but you also want your space to look modern and professional. 

Whether you want a centerpiece that will stand out and start conversations or a subtle hint that blends into the rest of your decor, a Xiogy product is  the perfect thing.


About Us 

We’re a small group of engineers who are passionate about 3D printing and laser cutting. Although we started out just wanting to play with the technology and make fun things for ourselves, we quickly realized that this was the perfect way to create unique personalized items that are too niche for conventional manufacturing. Xiogy is the outcome of that realization. The products you’ll find on our site represent us and our interests, and they’ll be a way for you to represent yours as well.

We’re based in the Austin, TX area, and we produce and ship every Xiogy product ourselves. We focus on delivering great products and providing unmatched customer service. If we can help you find the perfect thing to decorate your home or office with, we’ve done our job.

Our Team



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