Dyson Airwrap Compatible Countertop Corner Organizer

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Keep your Dyson Airwrap organized with this freestanding counter organizer. Store up to 4 attachments along with the Airwrap itself out of the way in a corner of your bathroom counter. The 'L' shape ensures that this stand always remains stable while staying out of the way when you aren't using your Airwrap. - organizer designed to be compatible with Dyson Airwrap and accessories - 3D printed in eco-friendly PLA plastic The name Dyson and Airwrap are trademarked and owned by Dyson, Inc. This product is not produced by Dyson. See https://www.dyson.com/hair-care/dyson-airwrap-styler/dyson-airwrap-styler-complete-nickel-fuchsia for more information on the Dyson Airwrap product.