Space Travel Ornament 3-Pack

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These three SpaceX themed ornaments are a great way to show your love for space travel and cutting edge technology. Includes the Falcon 9 launch vehicle, the Dragon Capsule which took astronauts to space in May 2020, and the futuristic Starship which will one day bring us back to the moon and beyond.

Dragon Capsule: This Christmas ornament is modeled after the Dragon capsule in its launch and in-orbit configuration. It stands about 3" tall and includes a twine hanger for easy hanging on a tree. Even outside of the holiday season, it makes for a fun model to have on your desk. The ornament is 3D printed with white PLA plastic.

Starship: has a very distinctive design made of reflective stainless steel panels, and the shiny appearance of this ornament matches the real spacecraft quite well. The ornament stands 4" tall and includes a twine hanger to hang it on a tree.

Falcon 9: This spacecraft is the launch vehicle in use by SpaceX today to launch many payloads into space, including the dragon capsule. the vehicle also includes a reusable first stage which propels itself back from near orbital speeds to land gracefully on earth to be used for future missions.


- 3D printed with eco-friendly PLA plastic

- Each ornament includes twine hanger