SpaceX Dragon Capsule Model | commemorative endeavour launch model

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  • 3D printed with eco-friendly PLA plastic
  • 5" tall model with 1" display stand

This detailed model of the SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule commemorates the first launch of the Dragon with astronauts aboard, which happened on May 30, 2020. This version of the Dragon made history by marking the first time a private company launches astronauts into orbit. SpaceX and NASA gave the astronauts the honor of naming the capsule they flew in, and they chose the name Endeavour to honor the retired Space Shuttle of the same name. In fact, both astronauts previously flew on that shuttle, making the name a nice link between historical and modern spaceflight.

The model is 5” tall and shows all of the exterior details of the Crew Dragon capsule. It also includes a 3D printed stand with the name Endeavour and the launch date to serve as a reminder of the significance of the flight. The model rests in a small indentation on top of the stand, allowing you to pick it up to examine it more closely.

This Crew Dragon model would make a great addition to a desk or shelf and is a great way to remember an event that will go down in history as a landmark of the modern age of spaceflight.