Starship Lamp

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  • 11" tall
  • LED light is USB powered with a wall outlet adapter included
  • 3D printed with PLA plastic

This lamp is based on the latest prototype of SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft. Starship is intended to eventually transport astronauts and cargo to the Moon and Mars, and is one of the largest spacecraft currently in development. Although Starship will eventually launch from Earth atop a much larger rocket named the Super Heavy, it contains engines of its own for the purpose of maneuvering in space and returning to orbit after having landed on the Moon or Mars.

Although Starship hasn’t flown yet in the form depicted on this lamp, the design of the lamp reflects the latest renders released by SpaceX. You’ve probably seen Starship in the news, though--SpaceX has been testing construction techniques for the new design and has recently flown a few prototypes with the distinctive stainless steel shell.

This lamp is approximately 9” tall and is 3D printed with environmentally-friendly PLA plastic. It uses an LED light and is powered via USB. We also include a wall adapter so you can plug it into the wall and have it glowing for as long as you want. The exhaust plume of the rocket glows a yellow color and really looks like the Starship is lifting off.